James is an outstanding speaker! He is always captivating and engaging! Our audience love hearing his stories and really makes an impact every time he speaks! I highly recommend James for anyone looking for a dynamic speaker!”

Stephen Dela CruzBest-selling author, speaker, serial entrepreneur and Founder of Stegela Success Mastery, San Diego’s #1 mentorship coaching mastermind.

James Nelson, the Chain Breaker Speaker, has inspired me from the first day we met. He is not only a great speaker, helping people break the chains holding them back. He is a fantastic coach as well. James has helped me break through my own chains of doubt and fear many times over. If you are looking for a speaker or coach, look no further than The Chain Breaker!

Gerald “Coach G” Eldred, the Genius coachSpeaker, Genius coach and author of Genius Within, 20 Principles to Find and Grow YOUR Genius.

James is a phenomenal speaker. He truly helps the people in the audience break their chains and begin to have massive success. His coaching program is genuinely one of the best I have seen, and his energy on stage is life changing!"

Casey Nicole FoxEditor-In-Chief of Life by Design Magazine

James Nelson is such a dynamic, engaging speaker! I saw James speak at one of our networking events we host. I loved how visualizing his speech was using his experiences from his time in the Marine Corps to motivate people. I felt like I was in a movie listening to his speech.

Yoichi J. KatoPrivate Chef, Author, Co-founder of Everything but Sex Cleaning Services

One of the best professional speakers I’ve ever heard. His talk revealed key strategies for discovering your core values as a leader and using them to effectively engage and motivate people.”

Mary HangEveryone's Auntie Mary, serial entrepreneur, and author.